Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Glam Event: Aperitivo at Da Mikele

The famished masses invaded Da Mikele last week for its grand opening.  This small Neapolitan restaurant in Tribeca with exposed brick walls and dark wood welcomed Wall Streeters, wrinkled locals, and a smattering of hipsters to experience the Italian tradition of aperitivo.

Aperitivo in Italy is like happy hour but with fabulous food.  In Florence, I  remember stopping by small bars and ordering a glass of prosecco just so that I could indulge in the array of free pastas, crostini, and pizza.

At Da Mikele, the rigatoni with tuna and peas is decent, but the thin-crusted margarita pizza with fresh mozzarella is delicious. Various bruschetta, rather limp fried zucchini, and arancini that could use a bit more mozzarella stuffed in their cores all combine to create create a filling if not amazing dinner.  

By the time I've drained the last pink drops of my fresh strawberry and champagne cocktail, there's barely room to move. People pounce on waiters trying to carry trays of mini zucchini pizzas and cubes of mortadella from the kitchen to the food tables. A sharp women with jet black hair and an Italian accent shrieks to the waiters to hold the trays above their heads. 

I attempt to leave my spot at the bar only to be bounced back and forth like a ping pong ball.  A wedge of pecorino from the huge wheel on the table isn't worth this madness. 

Da Mikele  will offer its aperitivo everyday between 4 p.m.- 7 p.m.

Da Mikele
275 Church (between Franklin and White)

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