Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Glam Event: Le Caprice

 The nameless cucumber cocktail

A cocktail party at the Upper East Side's Le Caprice left my head spinning in gin and my stomach swimming in lamb.  This contemporary-cool riff on the London Brassiere by the same name has an elongated bar and dark lighting that make it an ideal place for dinner or drinks with someone you'd prefer not to see too clearly. The booze furthers that end. Specialty drinks that night included a pear martini the color of burnt sienna and an untitled elixir composed of Hendrick's, elderflower, lemon, soda, and slats of sliced cucumber.  I sipped it with a straw imagining I was lounging in a cabana in Maui. When my hips started swaying to the hula, I flagged one of the passing waiters for a cube of lamb loin, pink and tender and topped with a tousle of black-eyed peas.  The duck rillette, pork terrine, and tuna on toast (actually, nearly everything was served on toast) were all fine but forgettable.  The scallop, however, impressed. It was served ceviche style in a soup spoon with a tangy broth and sumptuous texture. 

Chef Ed Carew, formerly of esteemed The Cottage Eatery in Tiburon, CA,  will supposedly debut a new menu next week.

Le Caprice at the Pierre Hotel
795 Fifth Ave (61st)

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