Friday, November 18, 2011

Ask Dumb Question, Eat Delicious Treat

Wrapper makes for easy grab-and-go
The roasted green tea sponge cake at Cafe Zaiya looks so much like a dark chocolate muffin that I thought the label was wrong and asked the girl at the counter if it was chocolate.  She glared at me with the disdain of someone who must be asked this question twenty-six times a day and pointed to the sign that said "roasted green tea." I shut up and bought it for $1.95.

Roasting the tea produces an intense brown color and subtle green tea flavor. Buried at the bottom of this soft, steamed cake are dark blotches that look like chocolate but are actually pockets of red bean paste, that sweet, sticky staple of so many Asian treats.  

Light, moist and barely sweetened, the cake only needs a cup of accompanying green tea and ten minutes of restorative silence for perfect enjoyment.

Cafe Zaiya locations:
18 East 41st Street (5th and Madison)
212779 0600

69 Cooper Square

at Kinokuniya (41st)
1073 Avenue of the Americas
2nd Floor
212764 6785


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